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Sport represents strength and endurance - values that ring true to us as a brand. We’ve enjoyed a long association with sports that reflect New Zealand’s rich cultural heritage, including polo, ocean racing, and rugby union.

It takes guts to build a sporting legacy, and we admire the athletes who are at the top of their game. The quiet achievers. The ones who are unwilling to take shortcuts. The ones that hear the naysayers and do it anyway.

That’s why we’ve proudly partnered with New York City’s professional rugby team the Rugby New York Ironworkers, supporting athletes in the upcoming season, whilst showcasing our shared values of quality, innovation, and ingenuity between both brands.




Announcing a multiyear partnership with Rugby New York. The three-year collaboration will see Rodd & Gunn be the teams Preferred Supplier for Men’s Formal Sportswear and create a bespoke range of co-branded merchandise for match-day, online and in-store.

“Rodd & Gunn New Zealand is incredibly proud to partner with Rugby New York, with the goal of supporting athletes in the upcoming season, whilst showcasing our shared values of quality, innovation, and ingenuity between both brands,” said Mike Beagley, Chief Executive Officer for Rodd & Gunn.

“We look forward to representing New Zealand’s rich rugby heritage in one of the world’s greatest cities, New York, and throughout North America,” said Beagley.

Innovation is a shared value between Rugby New York and Rodd & Gunn. The two brands will work together in developing a Rugby New York in-store merchandise stand at Rodd & Gunn’s New York, Connecticut, and other suitably located stores.

“We are proud to partner with Rodd & Gunn,” said Ric Salizzo, CEO of Rugby New York. “Rodd & Gunn is a premium brand, and this is a unique opportunity for them to reach our highly engaged rugby audience and grow their association in the North American market,” said Salizzo.

Rodd & Gunn will help ensure that the defending MLR Champions look as good as they play.



Three friends wearing Rodd & Gunn, holding Rugby New York rugby ball.


Rugby New York is New York City’s professional rugby team. A member of North America’s premiere rugby competition (Major League Rugby), the team debuted in exhibition play in Spring 2018 and played their first full MLR season in 2019. Four years later, Rugby New York lifted their first-ever MLR Shield after winning the MLR Finals.

Playing our home games in front of our passionate fan base, our season spans from February – June and consists of 16 games – 8 home and 8 on the road. Played in over 100 countries across every continent, rugby is the most physically demanding, mentally gruelling, adrenaline-pumping sport on the planet. No helmets, no pads for 80 unrelenting minutes.

We believe rugby is the sport built for New York. We are not just rugby tough; we are New York Rugby Tough. Representing the greatest city in the world, Rugby New York is just like its home: strong, fearless, and united. We are Built for New York.





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