Rodd & Gunn is synonymous with quality and has been committed to producing ethical and environmentally responsible clothes since our origins. We partner with the world's leading mills and garment manufacturers to engineer the most sustainable raw materials into long-lasting, low-impact garments.

Our Materials

The natural environment is in our bones at Rodd & Gunn, so we have long strived to make sure our clothes don't compromise it. That's why we choose to source premium, natural, biodegradable fabrics, from renewable resources - such as cotton, linen and wool.

Close-up cotton plant.




Breathable, absorbent, hypoallergenic, easily washable, and versatile, cotton is a mainstay of our collections. We craft our innovative outerwear and signature Gunn range from this natural resource. Our cotton is primarily sourced from sustainable Australian and American growers, renowned for their high land management and ethical farming practices.

Man in pen with Merino sheep.




Every year, sheep produce a new fleece, making wool entirely natural and renewable. We select the highest quality wools from New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and South America. Our wool growers incorporate the best land management and animal welfare practices, and the prestigious Woolmark licensing program independently endorses our woollen garments.

Inspecting the linen flax plant in its raw form.




Linen is nature's coolest fibre to wear, making it an ideal choice for summer. It's also one of the most biodegradable and naturally sustainable fibres. We source our linen from premium flax growers in France and Belgium. European flax growers respect the environment and enhance agricultural biodiversity, using no irrigation, no GMOs and generate no waste.

Our Mills

Rodd & Gunn has long-standing relationships with some of the most famous textile mills in Italy and Europe. Our mills fuse traditional methods with the latest technology to produce superior fabrics, exclusively for Rodd & Gunn. Many of our mills celebrate a long history in the textile industry, supporting local townships and continuing to provide opportunities for many generations to come.

Our Mills - Albini, Bergamo Italy


EST. 1876

Our oldest partnership is with Albini Group and goes back over a quarter of a century. Family owned and run for over 140 years Albini is consistently at the forefront of innovation and sustainability, while producing the world's finest shirting.



EST. 1875

Tessuti di Pordenoni's processes are based on the most advanced technologies and are leaders in environmental management and renewable energy practices. Their water-saving Wasatex process received a National Energy Globe Award in 2017, and they have continued commitments to responsibility and human rights.

Our Mills - Lanerossi, Vicenza, Italy


EST. 1817

Lanerossi manufacture quality and innovative yarns for our knitwear. The concept of sustainability has long been an integral part of Lanerossi's ethical heritage and an area of continued future development. All of their yarns are crafted from the finest raw materials and are thoroughly certified to meet the most stringent standards and environmental safeguards.

Our Mills - Pontetorto, Prato, Italy


EST. 1952

The Pontetorto mill is renowned for its premium jacket fabrics and famously combines tradition, innovation, and creativity with superior technical expertise and quality. Pontetorto is a pioneer when it comes to sustainable textile solutions, circularity initiatives and environmental protection.

Our Makers

We have strong partnerships with our garment makers, some of which go back to the early beginnings of Rodd & Gunn. We hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards, to craft our products in a humane, safe, and fair environment. All our manufacturers must adhere to our Supplier Code of Conduct and are regularly audited by independent auditing company SGS. Our goal is to collaborate and support each factory to improve their processes and safeguard workers employment.

Some of the certifications our industry-leading manufacturers are awarded.

Our Makers -  SGS and Sedex
Our Makers - Wrap and Sai Global

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Our New Zealand made luggage range is proudly handcrafted in rural Waiuku, outside Auckland, in the fifty-year-old workshop of Hungarian-skilled artisan Zoli Szalardi. A small range of family-owned and operated businesses make a select range of hats, leather belts and wool scarves. Sourcing only the finest natural materials and handcrafted using traditional Artisan techniques passed down through generations.


We use quality trims from world-leading, socially responsible suppliers. Our zips and hardware are from Japanese company YKK, threads from UK company COATS, insulation from USA company Primaloft, buttons from progressive Chinese company SAB and labels from Italian company Cadica. These companies collectively strive to adopt innovation and technology to offer new solutions for responsibly made products.

Material Certifications

Our material suppliers align themselves with industry-leading certification programs. This ensures that the fabrics and trims used in our products are sourced and produced in accordance with a variety of ethical, environmental and premium quality standards.



Rodd & Gunn products are guaranteed for unrivalled quality, performance and durability. Our premium raw material suppliers and third-party certifications bolster the Rodd & Gunn commitment to quality.

Unparalled Quality



We are committed to sourcing responsible and sustainable materials by adopting leading certifications. Our policies ensure animals are treated humanely and with respect through the Five Freedoms of animal welfare. We strive to incorporate recycled fibres to lessen our impact on the planet.

Responsible sourcing


Dye and fabric treatments are a large part of all fabric and yarn production processes. Certifications from companies such as Bluesign and ZDHC ensure our fabrics don't negatively impact the environment and guarantee maximum consumer safety.

Engineered Safely

Our Environment

The most significant environmental implications occur during fabric production stages, even before the garment reaches the shop floor. This is why our choice of Suppliers play such a crucial role in our commitment to environmental protection. We collaborate with reputable, industry-leading fabric mills that commit to our preserving of the environment. Our state-of-the-art mills invest in water-saving technology, renewable energy, and pollution free production processes.


At Rodd & Gunn, we abstain from fast fashion and the throwaway culture it encourages. We marry the best of natural raw material with advanced technology, to create fabrics and clothes that uphold the best tradition of quality.


Our New Zealand made luggage range is crafted to create a collector's item that is built to be enjoyed over a lifetime of service. Should our luggage ever need repair or restoration, Rodd & Gunn will return it to its former glory free of charge.* So one day you can hand it on to the next generation, if you can ever bear to part with it.

*Conditions apply



We extend the life of Rodd & Gunn purchases by offering customers replacement parts and access to our alteration and repair service. We partner with Red Cross Australia and New Zealand on a Take Back Program to donate pre-loved garments. We have also collaborated with Give Back Box, a waste diversion platform in the USA and UK, with a guarantee that 'no product will go to landfill'. We have never destroyed unsalable finished products, instead, giving them a new life through our donation partners. These initiatives provide us with an opportunity to advocate a more circular future by reusing, repairing and recycling our clothing.


By crafting quality garments from premium materials, our garments serve our customers for years to come. We support this commitment with a 2 Year Guarantee against faulty workmanship on all our goods*.

2 Year Guarantee Decal