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Simple Style Tips Every Man Should Know

19 May 2022
You’ll be pleased to know there are simple, functional style tips for men and rules to follow to have you looking your best yet.

Tackling a stylish look every day is a skilful art that can be difficult to master. There are, however, some men's fashion style tips to have under your belt that will help you strategise the way you dress to always look your best. Style is not just about knowing what to wear, but it’s about how you wear it, too.

Dressing well is an art that can be learnt and improved. Though they may seem small and simple, these no-nonsense rules are sure to have you looking your best daily. Listen in closely. We’ve got a bunch of style tips for men ready to teach you everything you need to know.





Meeting each individual aesthetic may seem like a tall order, but you don’t need a tailor with our combination of style and workmanship guarantee. You just need to pick shirts and pants that appeal to you. For example, jeans, you can’t go wrong with our Lowry Straight Fit Jean. Crafted from vintage stonewash denim, these jeans are hand-distressed by a skilled artisan for an authentic look, replicating the vintage look of a well-worn favourite. Cut in our popular mid-rise straight fit.





Men’s fashion tips would not be complete without the mention of some wardrobe-essentials. There’s no point following a fad, only to have it fall out of favour soon after. Invest in wardrobe staples that will never go out of style. A pair of the Briggs Straight Jeanin a classic mid-denim blue is a good staple, to begin with, and it teams well with a long-sleeved button-up like the Gunn Oxford Sports Fit Shirt. A quality polo or a pair of chinos are also must-have garments set to transcend seasonal trends.


Men's simple styling tips




Consider it a bit of a style swerve, wearing a statement piece from time to time. This could be a jacket or coat that stands out, a patterned shirt or an accessory like a Rodd & Gunn Signature cap or a pair of colorful socks. A solid-colored shirt underneath is in order if it’s a patterned jacket. Keep it simple, only letting one element do the heavy lifting at a time.


Men's simple styling tips




If it matches well, an outfit with no more than two base colors and perhaps a third accent color looks sophisticated and well thought out. Similarly to the rule above, you could consider wearing two solid-toned pieces with one patterned or textured piece, should its colors suit. Just try to stick with variable shades of the color you choose.


Men's simple styling tips




Investing in a few pairs of quality shoes that will age well is worthwhile. Quality materials like the suede or burnished leather from our selection of boots will stand the test of time and live to tell the adventures.

Since footwear can make or break an outfit, wearing neutral-toned shoes will complement any outfit. As well as having a good pair of leather boots, you should invest in leather sneakers in an easy color to match with: dark navy, white or taupe. They’re versatile, and are a good balance between dressy and effortlessly cool. Wear them with a pair of tailored pants for the afterparty, or chuck on some denim jeans for a more relaxed vibe.


Men's simple styling tips




It could be socks or even a belt that elevates your look. Remember that one statement element is memorable and can even help leave a solid first impression. It’s about quality over quantity here, so make sure you’re not overdoing it, keep to the classics, and you’re all set.


Men's simple styling tips




Lastly, a big part of style is carrying it with confidence. You need to feel good in the clothes you're in to achieve this. If you’re considering the occasion, playing to your strengths, feeling comfortable, and sticking to 2-3 tones in clothes that fit to a T, then you’re good to step out with confidence and style, ready to seize the day.

With these men’s fashion style tips in mind, explore Rodd & Gunn’s website to find the perfect clothes to elevate your style. And don’t forget to check out our blog for more fashion inspiration.



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