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Summer Grilling With Matt Lambert

19th January 2021
The Lodge Bar Group's Executive Chef Matt Lambert shows us how to perfectly grill a delicious steak.

Our Executive Chef Matt Lambert is sharing his cooking tutorials, allowing you to perfect your summer barbeque techniques in the comfort of your own home.

Demonstrating techniques transforming your everyday steak into a Michelin star quality meal, Matt is the expert when it comes to deep, smokey grilled flavours, a key to any Lodge Bar experience, which adds a depth of flavour when cooking over a charcoal grill.
Sharing simple and effective tips based around the importance of salting your meat before cooking, ensuring your steak is packed with flavour and seasoned to perfection in each bite.

For the best result for comfort & ease whilst grillin’, make sure you are dressed in one of our 100% organically grown Italian linen shirts.

500g bone in Sirloin Steak
Olive oil
Flake salt

1. 24-hours ahead salt your steak with the flake salt, sprinkling on both sides and patting down.

2. When grilling ensure the steak is seared fat-side down, aiming to reduce and melt the fat away. Frequently flipping the steak will help to get an even cook through the entire piece of meat.

3. When cooked to your liking, remove the steak from the grill and rest for 5-10minutes. Lambert says rest the steak for the same amount of time you cooked the meat for, if not longer.

4. Slice the steak along the bone. Although it is seasoned to perfection, thanks to the 24-hour method, adding a pinch of flaky salt on top doesn’t hurt.

5. To serve, quickly grill some hard herbs like rosemary to give a slightly herby aroma, pairing perfectly with the delicious charcoal-steak flavour.



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