Nature has the power to renew the spirit; a deep and resonating force, inspiring, providing, calming.

At Rodd & Gunn, nature’s role is treasured, central to our lives and focus.

Time To Reconnect


For millions of years man benefited from an intimate connection with Nature. A source of food, clothing and shelter, our success depended on its bounty. In an age where our existence maybe at the mercy of its benevolence, many are blind to the connection.

Aotearoa, Our Muse


Guided by nature’s celestial compass, Polynesian explorers navigated the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean to discover New Zealand around 1280AD. In these Southern islands they found a physically challenging land blessed with natural abundance. A strong spiritual connection with nature developed as necessity. Even today, it’s a place where in vast tracks nature in all its forms runs wild and undisciplined. Any mood, benign or tempestuous, its beauty is legend, evoking an almost spiritual reverence.


Mature's Palette


Echoing the hues of nature, we take our color cues from New Zealand’s pristine glaciers, craggy mountain ranges, snow-fed rivers, clean blue horizons, inky midnight skies, mossy greens and muted twilights. Since most of our fabrics come from nature, we’ve drawn our color influences from the same source.

Nature's Embrace


The ever-changing moods of the untamed New Zealand landscape characterize the Rodd & Gunn collection. With the landscape taking center stage, our range reflects the forces of nature that shaped this antipodean wonder.




At Rodd & Gunn we eschew fast fashion and the throw away culture it encourages. Our motto is - live simply, embrace natural and buy less by buying better quality that will last. By making quality garments with premium fabrics and materials, Rodd & Gunn clothing is designed to serve our customers for years to come.



The natural environment is in our bones at Rodd & Gunn, so we have long strived to make sure our clothes don’t compromise it. That’s why we choose to source natural and renewable fabrics to create garments that protect you, embrace you and free you.