A 75-year obsession with quality.

A 75-year obsession with quality.


Since the first English Pointer was stitched on a range of boutique men’s shirts in 1946, we’ve been unwilling to compromise on quality. In fact, we can be borderline obsessive.

In its current form, the brand was established in 1987 when the first stand-alone store opened in Queen Street, Auckland, New Zealand. And from that moment forward, the Rodd & Gunn brand became synonymous with quality.

Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for crafting timeless garments that are made to last. From the fabrics we source, to the techniques we use to construct our clothing, quality is the undercurrent that buoys us as a brand.

It’s why we’ve traversed the globe looking for the finest cotton, the softest wool, and the most luxurious linens. It’s why we insist on sourcing biodegradable fabrics from renewable resources. It’s why we’ve been selective in our search for garment makers - from the family-owned textile mills in the heart of Italy to the Hungarian Szaalardi family who handcrafts our leather bags. It’s why we can confidently offer a two-year guarantee on all our goods. And, it's why our garments remain a favourite for years to come - handed down from generation to generation.

An antipodean attitude.

An antipodean attitude.


We’re a proud Kiwi brand, with an ever-growing global presence.

As we’ve expanded our retail footprint across the Southern and Northern Hemisphere, we’ve done so with a quiet, dogged determination. Our uniquely Kiwi sensibility enables us to forge our own path, without concerning ourselves with the approval of others. Showboating just isn’t in our nature.

Aotearoa is Rodd & Gunn’s spiritual home, and we’re deeply connected to its untamed beauty and rich culture. Our collections are inspired by the raw, pure forms of nature found in our home country - the ancient mountains, glacial lakes, endless plains, and windswept high country.

A timeless, relaxed living aesthetic.

A timeless, relaxed living aesthetic.


At Rodd & Gunn, we’ve always embraced a relaxed living aesthetic, no matter the season. Our collections are built around iconic, evergreen pieces that can be effortlessly styled to suit your lifestyle. We combine new-generation fabrics with timeless manufacturing techniques to produce garments that are classic, yet contemporary.

Our collections are designed for the guy who is quietly confident. The man who is secure, discerning, and appreciates quality. He’s equally comfortable in a tailored linen blazer as he is in a casual knit sweatshirt.

This sense of effortlessness and ease is embodied in our traditionally tailored shirts, high-quality knitwear, well-constructed pants and jeans, classic polo shirts, Italian leather shoes, bespoke leather luggage, and stylish accessories.

A redefined retail experience

A redefined retail experience.


To us, a retail store is more than just a place to buy products. Our customers visit Rodd & Gunn lodges to get lost in an experience. So, we want to make every single interaction with our customers authentic, and memorable. After all, a sense of Kiwi hospitality is ingrained in our brand’s DNA.

In 2016, we brought the world of fine dining and fine fashion together, when we launched our first lifestyle experience, The Lodge Bar, on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, in Queenstown, New Zealand. Inside our concept store, anything is possible - browse the latest collection one moment, then tuck into a delectable dish designed by The Lodge Bar Group’s Executive Chef, Matt Lambert, the next.

We’ve since opened a second experiential retail concept in Commercial Bay, New Zealand, which provides an elevated escape from the hustle and bustle of downtown Auckland.

In 2021, we, in partnership with Myer, opened the world’s first experiential retail concession in the Australian market, The Lodge Bar, housed alongside the Rodd & Gunn concession at Myer Chadstone in Melbourne.

Our fourth venue and global flagship lifestyle destination, The Lodge Bar & Dining James St, Brisbane opened in May 2022. A fusion of luxury and style, our coveted venue offers a sense of elevated approachability across both hospitality and retail, melding fashion, food and wine to create an experience like no other. The Lodge Bar Group's Executive Chef Matt Lambert has followed the same ethos as our other restaurants by sourcing the finest local produce Australia has to offer, allowing the quality ingredients to shine. Cameron Douglas, The Lodge Bar Group's Master Sommelier and Group Beverage Manager, has curated an expansive wine list with New Zealand wines at the heart of it.

A proud supporter of sport.

A proud supporter of sport.


Sport represents strength and endurance - values that ring true to us as a brand. We’ve enjoyed a long association with sports that reflect New Zealand's rich cultural heritage, including polo, ocean racing, and rugby union.

It takes guts to build a sporting legacy, and we admire the athletes who are at the top of their game. The quiet achievers. The ones who are unwilling to take shortcuts. The ones that hear the naysayers and do it anyway.

That's why we've proudly sponsored Team New Zealand, winners of the 2013 Youth Americas Cup. We've also dressed the legendary All Blacks and New Zealand's 2012 Olympic Team.

A different kind of lifestyle brand.

A different kind of lifestyle brand.


At Rodd & Gunn, we don’t just create high-quality menswear and accessories. We are slowly creating a new mentality.

We’re redefining what it means to live a quality life. We’re opposing an-all-consuming lifestyle in favour of something that is outwardly simpler, but inwardly richer.

As a company, we’re guided by our seek less, find more, ethos. It’s our north star. It informs how we design sustainable, low-impact garments, how we hire talent, and how we interact with you, our valued customers.