Seek Less, Find More


As a brand, we’ve always stood for quality. But not quality as the world defines it.

The word quality has been co-opted by corporations; endlessly diluted and overused in empty marketing claims. It’s been rendered to a vapid statement, void of truth and integrity. A load of hot air.

We’re here to change that. We are slowly creating a new mentality. We’re redefining what it means to be a quality brand. And we’re re-evaluating what’s at the core of a ‘quality life.’

Quality living is about getting rid of the perfunctory, superficial stuff. It’s about bringing a renewed focus to the simple, but meaningful moments. It’s about seeking less, and in doing so, finding more.

So, we’re committed to: Seeking less status, validation, short-lived trends, fast fashion, quick fixes, and meaningless distractions. And finding more meaning, connection, creativity, contentment, and quality of life.

Seek less, find more

It’s more than a pithy tagline.

We use this ethos to inform our decision-making.

To recruit the right people. The people who believe what we believe.

To bring a sense of quality to every interaction we have with our customers. The people who are looking for timeless garments that outlast the whims of fast fashion.

To design iconic stores that subvert retail conventions. The collision of hospitality and fashion to deliver meaningful experiences.

To produce clothes that are both ethical and environmentally responsible. The protection of our people, and our planet.

To be a different kind of lifestyle brand. One that takes a stand against an all-consuming way of life.


More longevity

We oppose the short-lived thrills of fast fashion to remind you what true quality is. Our enduring style means you can get more out of your favourite Rodd & Gunn garments. In fact, they’re designed to be loved, worn, and passed down to future generations.

It’s what brings people like you our way - a joint passion for consciously designed, thoughtfully crafted garments, made to last. That’s why we can confidently offer a two-year guarantee on all our goods.


More fabric finery

Our quest to uncover the finest fabrics has seen us traverse the sandy desert roads along the Nile, where the softest Egyptian cotton is grown.

We’ve discovered the world’s softest Merino wool in New Zealand and Australia’s very own high country.

We’ve traveled the rolling hills of Normandy, France to source premium quality linens.

And, we've spent the last two decades working with Albini - one of the most famous textile mills in Europe - to produce premium shirting fabrics from raw linen, wool, and cotton.


More sustainable ways of working

Caring for the natural environment is etched into our psyche and we have long strived to ensure our clothes don’t compromise it.

At every point of our supply chain - from the first stitch of a shirt at our textile mills in Italy, to how our products are packaged and distributed - we find ways to minimise waste and maximise the attributes of our materials. We invest in water-saving technology, renewable energy, and chemical-free processes. Our most recent sustainability program, Waste Not, Want Not (WNWN) combines leftover fabrics with new production runs to create one-of-kind garments. Not one style is the same as the other, and by designing garments in this way fabric waste is minimised.

We’ve nurtured long-standing relationships with family-owned fabric mills from all corners of the globe. These suppliers share our obsession with quality and have the utmost respect for the nature that inspires and sustains us all. We hold ourselves and our suppliers to the highest standards, to craft our products in a humane, safe, and fair environment.

We’re not ones to rest on our laurels, though. We’re here to defy a throwaway mentality and will continue taking ambitious measures to reduce our environmental footprint.


More integrity

We’re a tight-knit team of quiet achievers. Principled and proud. Humble but hell-bent on making our mark in the menswear world. And quite frankly, we’re uninterested in what other fashion brands are doing. We’d rather tune into the needs of our loyal customers.

Led by a CEO who lives by his father's words: “focus on what you do on the inside - don’t worry about the outside," we believe relationships and revolutions don't make themselves, and we’re not afraid to take the road less travelled.


More quality of life

So, we ask: what is quality, to you?

Will you subscribe to an all-consuming way of life? Or will you do something different?

Stand with us, as we seek less, and find more.


Seek Less, Find More