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29th March 2021
Expertise comes from time and experience, things the Albini family have on their side when it comes to making some of the world’s finest fabrics.
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Rodd & Gunn choose to work with Albini, one of the most famous textile mills in Europe. Founded in 1876 and now in its fifth generation of family ownership, the fabric mill Albini has always plied the same trade, producing top quality shirting fabrics from raw cotton, wool and linen.

The Albini Group family says the company is special in its manpower, access to raw materials and control of the entire fabric-making process.

“Good fabric starts from very good raw materials. We use cotton, linen and wool grown in Egypt, France and Italy, and then we own the spinning, dyeing, weaving and finishing of the final product.”

“You really have to follow these things with a lot of commitment, and dare I say, passion. Quality, innovation and design are at the heart of what we do, and this is the same for those who buy our fabrics.”

The company has been supplying its natural fabrics to Rodd & Gunn for almost two decades.

“Rodd & Gunn is a very innovative company, an equitable company and an ethical company - they appreciate excellent quality and stand for good values like we do.”

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A new take on quality

We’ve spent the past few months reflecting and ruminating. Both on a professional and personal level. We want to connect with our customers around broader lifestyle goals and aspirations. We want our retail experiences to feel seamless, but meaningful. We want to bring a sense of quality to every single interaction we have with you.

We’re not the only ones re-evaluating what quality means to us. Our customers are also craving the ability to be ‘more’ with less. We want to live a life that is outwardly more simple, and inwardly more rich.

Where has all this ruminating left us?

Here’s what we’ve realised. To us, quality is so much more than a pithy marketing one-liner.

And to you, our valued customers, quality is about living a life of intention. A life where you don’t seek validation from others. A life filled with more meaningful experiences. We want to walk the same journey as you are. As a brand, we’re committing to finding more meaning, connection, creativity, and quality of life.

What does this mean for you?

We’re embarking on a journey of distillation. We’re making our brand experience stronger and more refined, by boiling it down to its most essential parts.

The craftsmanship, longevity, and timeless design of our garments will remain unchanged. But we’re taking quality one step further. We’re looking for new ways to surprise, delight, and reward our customers.

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