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Cotton: Sustainable Style

13th March 2020
Across centuries and continents, cotton has endured as one of the most popular textiles. Learn about the many benefits of cotton now.

Getting dressed everyday is about more than just picking your clothes. Whenever you choose what to wear you’re also choosing how you’d like to present yourself to the world, and inevitably shaping the way others see you. So what do your clothes really say about you and your world view?

At Rodd & Gunn, we’d like to think that our clothes represent the best of smart, sustainable men’s style. From men’s shirts to size-inclusive pants and jeans, it’s our mission to produce clothes that strike the perfect balance between function and fashion. That’s why we rely on premium quality cotton. Versatile, high-performing, and sustainable, cotton is the key to building a sustainable and stylish wardrobe. Learn more about the benefits of cotton clothes and how to wear this miracle fibre below.




While we don’t know the exact date that cotton textiles first came into being, we do know that they have a long and storied history. The history of cotton can be traced back to Ancient Egypt and Pakistan, where people grew, wove, and wore cotton clothes and traded the textile on their travels. By the 1500s, cotton was a well-known fibre around the world, and in the 1700s, the British were the first to use machinery to spin cotton. That was during the Industrial Revolution, when cotton’s popularity first began to spike.

Today, cotton is cultivated in farms across the globe, including in Australia. And for good reason: It’s proven to be a renewable resource and a naturally durable fibre.

North Island Oxford Sports Fit Shirt




When it comes to clothing, cotton is a failsafe fibre. From durability and comfort to breathability and easy care, good quality cotton can elevate even the most basic wardrobe item to a luxury staple. Cotton clothes have become a key part of our offering for a number of reasons, but the main benefits of cotton are summarised below.

It’s an all-natural material

Strong yet supple, cotton is spun from the long, soft fibres of the cotton plant. Its natural composition means that clothes made from cotton don’t lose their shape or stretch over time - a key advantage of cotton clothes over synthetic counterparts.

It’s easy to care for

Unlike other natural fibres, even high quality cotton requires the barest minimum of maintenance. Cotton shirts and trousers can simply be tossed into the washing machine and will come out smooth and clean every time.

It’s breathable

Ever wondered why cotton is so comfortable in summer? Again, this comes down to its natural composition and open, flexible weave. Like linen, cotton offers breathability and comfort during the warmer months and insulation and warmth in the cooler ones - meaning it’s super versatile year-round.

It’s suitable for sensitive skin

Cotton is one of the best fabrics for sensitive skin. Unlike some synthetic materials, which can cause irritation and itchiness, cotton is smooth, soft, and light against the skin.

It’s a sustainable choice

As a renewable, natural fibre, cotton requires less energy and processing than other man-made and synthetic textiles - making it a sound choice for the eco-conscious Gunn Guy.




If you’re ready to embrace premium quality cotton, we have pieces to suit every occasion. For the boardroom to the bar and beyond, go for a classic Oxford shirt in our sports fit, like the bestselling Zingonia Sports Fit Shirt, Violo Sports Fit Shirt, or Middle Valley Sports Fit Shirt. Made with a 100% blend of Supima and American Pima cotton sourced through the Albini Mill in Bergamo, Italy, these men’s cotton shirts are form-fitted yet easy to move around in. They come in a range of colours and prints, and are pre-washed for an even softer finish.

For top-to-toe comfort, pair your shirt with the Thomas Road Chino Pant, one of our most versatile cotton pants for men. These clean-lined chinos are cut from ultra-smooth USA cotton, and have a small amount of stretch. Choose from our extended pant lengths for the best possible fit.

To complete your outfit, throw on the Winscombe Jacket, a modern cotton jacket for men with a tailored, straight cut.




When we set about designing premium Italian shirts, The Albini Group stood out for its commitment to sustainability. Albini only source the most premium cotton from around the world such as Supima Cotton, USA Cotton and Egyptian Giza. The group is a member of the not-for-profit Better Cotton Initiative, which aims to make the global cotton manufacturing industry better for the environment as well as for the people who work in it.

Together with Albini, we strive to create sustainably-made, world-class designs that stand the test of time.




No matter your style or environment, when it comes to comfort and breathability you’d be hard pressed to find a better fabric than cotton. To upgrade your wardrobe with this high quality textile, shop men’s cotton clothes online or search for a Rodd & Gunn store near you today!


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