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A Word With Tom Hawkins

13th June 2018
It’s winter and wool’s the word. Versatile, natural and warm, the timeless fabric is no secret to footballer and farmer, Tom Hawkins.
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Farm-raised, and now running his own with wife, Emma Clapham, Tom shares some insider scoop on the quality and wonder of wool.

Is there a particular part of the wool process that you love to be part of?
My upbringing on my parents’ farm meant that I’ve been around sheep for the most part of my life and was able to witness each stage in the process of wool - from breading, marking, weaning & shearing. There is still something nostalgic about walking into a shearing shed.

In what ways is wool more than ‘just a fabric’?
Wool is the livelihood of so many people throughout Australia, and is an industry that supports more than just the grower. Fine wool is a huge player in the Australian farming economy.

Why wool over other fabrics in winter?
It’s warmer than any other fabric out there. Combine that with the fact it’s highly breathable, it’s an easy decision for me.

Stredwick Knit Midnight
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What do you wear while working during the cooler winter months on the farm?
The Barrabool Hills are renowned for being wet and windy, so it’s probably no surprise that my favourite item to wear on the farm is the Huka Lodge Knit. However, I’ve just managed to get my hands on the Oyster Cover Jacket. I’m not sure it’ll make its way out to the paddocks, but it’s a ripper!.

You are a brand partner with Woolmark & now Rodd & Gunn, what qualities do they both represent that aligns with your characteristics?
I’ve always made an effort to align myself with brands that share similar values as I do, that are authentic and most importantly, that I’m passionate about. Both WoolMark and Rodd & Gunn align perfectly with the above.

You’re not just a family of generational football players, but also generational woolgrowers. Your dad talks about his love of agriculture being his destiny. Do you feel similarly about wool?
My family, as well as Emma’s family, have had a long connection to the wool growing industry. It’s hard to say exactly where we will be in 5-10 years, but certainly I’d like to be involved in the agricultural industry in some capacity.

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