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18th March 2021
We’ve always been obsessed with quality.

When it comes to the way our garments are conceived, constructed, and crafted; we can be rather stubborn. Since the very first English Pointer was stitched on a range of boutique men’s shirts in 1946, we’ve been unwilling to compromise on quality.

And that hasn’t changed.




Admittedly, we’re quite private. You might know us for our expertise with textures, blends, tailoring, and detailing. But, we’re not ones to share the inner workings of our business. The stuff no one sees.

Until now.

Quality shows up in every interaction we have with our suppliers, every business decision we make, and every retail experience we design. It’s the lifeblood of our organisation:

Quality Experiences

We expect more from our experiences. We are leaders in experiential retail and aren’t afraid to experiment with different formats. Whether you dine at our award-winning Lodge Bar or shop with us in-store, our immersive shopping experiences are the epitome of class and comfort.

Quality Relationships

We expect more from the suppliers who make our garments. From the Hungarian Szalardi family who has spent the last 40 years hand-crafting leather bags in New Zealand, to some of the most famous textile mills in Europe, we’ve nurtured long-standing relationships with the best of the best.

Quality of Thought

We expect more from our people. We’re a tight-knit team, bound by a shared passion for quality customer care. Unconcerned with what other fashion brands are doing, we’d rather tune into the needs of our loyal customers.

Quality Products

We expect more from our garments. Everything in our collection is made to last season after season. We traverse the globe to find the finest fabrics. And, we’re so confident in what we make, that we offer a two-year guarantee on all our products.




Enough of the marketing speak

Let’s be honest - it’s easy to lay claim on the word ‘quality’ as a premium fashion brand. We’re not the first, and we certainly won’t be the last company to commandeer the word ‘quality’ to market ourselves. In fact, the very meaning of ‘quality’ has been diluted through overuse. It’s rendered to a vapid statement, void of all truth and integrity. A load of hot air.

We refuse to be yet another fashion company that hides behind a thin veneer of quality claims.

So, we’ve asked ourselves: what does quality truly mean to the Rodd & Gunn brand, to our customers, and to us personally?

A new take on quality

We’ve spent the past few months reflecting and ruminating. Both on a professional and personal level.

We want to connect with our customers around broader lifestyle goals and aspirations.

We want our retail experiences to feel seamless, but meaningful.

We want to bring a sense of quality to every single interaction we have with you.

"We’re simplifying our business and focusing on what really matters. Less is more in all that we do,” confirms Mike Beagley, owner of Rodd & Gunn.

We’re not the only ones re-evaluating what quality means to us.

Our customers are also craving the ability to be ‘more’ with less

During a time of global pandemic and social unrest, we’re all trying to make sense of our lives. We want to get rid of the perfunctory, superficial stuff. We’re inverting old attitudes and priorities.

We want to live a life that is outwardly simpler, and inwardly richer.

What does this mean for you?

Here’s what we’ve realised.

To us, quality is so much more than a pithy marketing one-liner.

And to you, our valued customers, quality is about living a life of intention. A life where you don’t seek validation from others. A life filled with more meaningful experiences.

We want to walk the same journey as you are. As a brand, we’re committing to finding more meaning, connection, creativity, and quality of life.

We’re embarking on a journey of distillation. We’re making our brand experience stronger and more refined, by boiling it down to its most essential parts.

The craftsmanship, longevity, and timeless design of our garments will remain unchanged. But we’re taking quality one step further. We’re looking for new ways to surprise, delight, and reward our customers.

All will be revealed in the coming months. In the meantime, browse our new arrivals. Our new season range epitomises the stripped-back, casual aesthetic that we know you’ve come to love over the years. Each garment promises more versatility, durability, and of course, uncompromising quality.

Get more out of your Autumn / Winter 2021 wardrobe with Rodd & Gunn.

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