Sustainable Style, Natural Fibre Cotton


9th April 2019
The natural environment is in our bones at Rodd & Gunn, so we have long strived to make sure our clothes don’t compromise it. That’s why we choose to source natural and renewable fabrics to create garments that protect you, embrace you and free you.




Undoubtedly a hero of our autumn/winter collection we are aware of the technical properties of the noble fibre, wool, however we often lose sight of the underdog of this seasons collection – cotton.

Like linen, cotton has been used as a textile since ancient times and its value has seen it traded since the first explorers. Cultivated around the world, cotton is a renewable resource and a naturally strong, durable fibre with good breadth ability and softness against the skin.

Cotton is an all-seasons textile most commonly recognised for its breathability however is also championed for its ability to fight the winter chill by providing thermal insulation as air is trapped between the fabric fibres.

The Merrick Bay Knit




The Merricks Bay Knit is our answer to sustainable style. The contemporary yet timeless design combines comfort and ease whilst acting as the ideal layering piece over the colder months. Double up on cotton layering with an 100% cotton shirt underneath. Stay safe with a striped shirt like the Kurow Shirt or opt for the bold Tennyson Inlet Shirt. Both shirts milled by the legendary Albini Group who uphold similar sustainability credentials.

Rodd & Gunn’s commitment to sustainability spans across it’s relationships with its partners such as The Albini Group. The Albini Group’s commitment to smarter clothes that are better for the environment is evident in their membership to the not-for-profit Better Cotton Initiative. The programme exists to make global cotton production progressively better for the people who produce it, for the environment and to ensure sustainable cotton production into the future. Collectively with Albini we strive to exceed quality standards whilst adhering to sustainable practices. The new season 100% cotton shirts milled by Albini showcase the synergy of our brands working in unison delivering sustainably made world-class designs.

Rodd & Gunn is committed to smarter clothes and sustainable style.
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Freyberg Sports Fit Shirt



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