Fashion Pointer


8th JANUARY 2017
A six-monthly update from the style industry’s jet-set canine brand ambassador, Gunner.




155 days, 131 official store visits; there’s been no rest for this good dog.

When it comes to Rodd & Gunn’s important work with Nordstrom, a busy travel schedule is but a minor inconvenience.

Pack light, hit the road early, keep your documentation in order and be patient with security; that’s the key to transiting airports easy-breezy.

To be fair, I am well looked after, with plenty of ‘lie down and stretch out’ room under the seat, private bathrooms and the occasional welcome upgrade.

Most of the time fellow passengers don’t realize I’m there until we’ve landed. The surprise people get when I pop into the aisle on landing always makes my tail wag.





With valued space in 45 US Nordstrom stores and another five in Canada, it is vital we approach each and every one with a touch of individuality. It seems the team appreciates the personal contact. A dedicated “Gunner” basket awaits me at each new location - its familiar smell ever a comforting respite for this weary mutt.

As a recognized Instagram influencer with several season launches under my collar, fans regularly seek me out for fashion tips. Today, with the Fall colors flushing the trees, the Ocean Ridge overcoat is an obvious choice. Another Rodd & Gunn Winter staple is the Elsthorpe Jacket in Ink Blue or Slate. The boss wears this one, a true top dog!

The Grove Road and Plymouth Crescent woven belts caught my eye early in the designing process. Our accessories designer ordered me a couple, now I own custom made collars! They’ve proved the perfect accompaniment for my trademark bandanna in seasonal colors.

As a well-bred, city dog I’m not one to howl at the moon without just reason, but I am super excited about this new collection. On that note, do follow me on Instagram. You will find me with @RoddandGunner. Likes, pats, and comments all gratefully accepted.