A Week In Isolation 2 | Rodd & Gunn

A Week In Isolation

30th April 2020
Books, music, film and podcasts – they're the things keeping us sane while we spend more time at home.

Need some recommendations? Cormack O'Connor, our Digital Marketing Manager, is back with another round-up of his favourites for the week. He's sure to have a suggestion that will pique your interest.

Watch: Blessed


While bleak films often run the risk of feeling over-dramatic and removed from reality, Australian movie 'Blessed' is as moving as it is sad. Following seven children and their mothers for a period of 24 hours, 'Blessed' offers fresh insight into the power of perspective and the binding qualities of love.

Read: The Lonely City


Olivia Laing's non-fiction work, 'The Lonely City: Adventures in the Art of Being Alone' is an intricate blend of biography, critique and confession. While considering the nature of loneliness through the lens of some of the art world's most important figures, Laing recounts her own experiences in New York City – uncovering the very essence of what it means to be lonely. A very timely read.

Ponder: The Big One


With the days of considering wide-scale chaos as unthinkable long behind us, KPCC's 'The Big One: Your Survival Guide' feels highly relevant – despite dealing exclusively with the imminent catastrophic earthquake predicted to strike Los Angeles. Combining scientific discourse, emotionally charged interviews and helpful advice, this is a must-listen – even if you don't live in Southern California.

Listen: Fetch The Bolt Cutters


Returning with her first studio album in eight years, Fiona Apple has reached new heights. At its core, 'Fetch The Bolt Cutters' is a pop record – but unlike any other that you have heard before. Humorous, striking and powerful. Give it a listen!

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