Gunn Polos Fit Guide

FIND YOUR FIT: The Ultimate Fit Guide To Gunn Polos

01 July 2022
Find your perfect fit with our Rodd & Gunn guide to the classic menswear staple, the polo shirt.

A classic and versatile staple for any man's closet, the polo shirt is a timeless wardrobe essential that can be paired with a wide range of outfits for many occasions. Whether it be a smart-casual office day or a weekend event, the polo shirt is a go-to menswear staple for every type of Gunn Guy. Dress it up with chinos and pants, or dress it down with jeans and a smart pair of shorts – it's no wonder polos have stood the test of time as a men's wardrobe staple.

With so much versatility to offer, perfecting your polo fit will make future shopping and styling seamless. Find the right fit for you and know exactly what to look out for with this guide to Gunn Polos.


Gunn Polo Original Fit



It doesn't get more classic than the Original Fit, a traditional cut of the polo shirt that falls on the body with extra room for everyday wear and comfort. Featuring a straight cut torso and longer sleeves, this fit is for guys who gravitate towards a timeless traditional or prefer a fuller fit on the body.

Gunn Polo Sports Fit



The Sports Fit is a narrower cut of the polo shirt, fitted across the chest and shoulder for a modern look. With shorter sleeves and a slimmer silhouette throughout, this cut is ideal for guys who prefer a polo that sits on the body. A contemporary take on the classic polo, also made for everyday wear.


Rodd & Gunn Polos




It's all about how the polo falls on the body, and now that you've found your perfect fit, it's time to dive into the details. So, other than deciding between the Original Fit and Sports Fit, what else should you look for when buying a men's polo?




Like your usual dress shirt, the shoulder seam of your polo should sit directly on top of your shoulder bone. As for your sleeves, they should sit close to your arms and come about halfway down your biceps.




Just like any top, the length of your polo could make a massive difference to your look, as well as your proportions. For the perfect polo length, it should sit just below your belt, no lower than mid-fly. As for the fit, your polo should fall close to your body, with about 2.5cm to 5cm of excess fabric on either side of your torso as a general rule of thumb.

Tip: Find personalised sizing recommendations by using the True Fit WHICH SIZE FITS ME feature found on each of our product pages.


Rodd & Gunn Polos




Made from 100% cotton and with utmost comfort in mind, the Gunn Polo offers all-day comfort, breathability, and long-term durability – making it an ultimate wardrobe favourite.

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Matt Lambert