Our Partners

Our partners, Chef Matt Lambert of the Michelin Starred restaurant The Musket Room and Cameron Douglas Master Sommelier, have designed and curated the food and wine lists exclusively for The Lodge Bar. Their achievements in their respective fields, combined with their expertise and professionalism is an invaluable contribution to The Lodge Bar experience.


Chef/Owner, The Musket Room

Matt Lambert is the Chef and Owner of The Musket Room located in the Nolita neighbourhood of New York City. The restaurant was awarded a Michelin Star only four months after opening in 2013 and has retained this prestigious award each year thereafter.

Being a long time friend of Rodd & Gunn, Chef Lambert was the only candidate to create a menu designed exclusively for The Lodge Bar.

The shared values from Chef Lambert and Rodd & Gunn are selfevident, a close relationship with nature and promoting the best of New Zealand to the world

Chef Lambert’s menu utilises New Zealand’s fresh seasonal produce and allowing the quality to shine through modern and traditional techniques, beautiful presentation and attention to detail.

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Master Sommelier

Cameron Douglas is New Zealand’s first and only Master Sommelier with the Court of Master Sommeliers worldwide and South Pacific Director for the Global Guild of Sommeliers. When Rodd & Gunn approached Mr Douglas to craft and curate the wine list for The Lodge Bar there was little doubt that the result would be a special list, showcasing New Zealand’s finest wines.

The list features outstanding local producers, select vintages and hard to find varietals and is complemented by a select range of fine Champagnes.

In true Rodd & Gunn fashion the customer is always at the fore with over 30 wines available by the glass.

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