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How To Master Layering In Spring

16th September 2020
Master layering with this Rodd & Gunn guide to mens spring layering, including where to start and what items to style this season.

With winter finally easing up and spring arriving, it’s time to address this trans-seasonal period with a wardrobe that is flexible to cater for any weather - and what’s more flexible than layering?

Layering has a major role to play in staying comfortable, feeling good and looking even better. Plus, layering clothes for spring can also provide you with more styles from your existing wardrobe so you have more looks to play with on a day-to-day basis. But, there are a few key steps to follow to truly master layered clothing looks for spring, so we’ve mapped them out for you right here using some of the Gunn Guy wardrobe essentials.




Layering is the simple act of adding multiple pieces of clothing to your ensemble to provide a functional or aesthetic benefit. However, truly successful layering masters both of these benefits in one swing.

A Gunn Guy may decide to ‘layer up’ with a soft tailored jacket to add some extra sophistication, but there are more inventive ways to incorporate layering than simply adding a jacket. Here, we run through the four key steps on how to dress in layers for spring the Rodd & Gunn way.




The first step in any layering process is to establish a strong, but subtle, base. Think of anything you can easily toss an open shirt on top of or even a lightweight jacket - like a paired-back t-shirt. These t-shirts will become your wardrobe staples not just for spring, but all year round, so be sure to invest in a good quality base for your future layering.

The go-to Gunn Guy base for spring layering is The Gunn T-Shirt in either Charcoal or Snow. These are perfect for laying one of our iconic polos on top of.

The Bennets Polo




With the sun making it’s return to your regular programming, spring is the perfect opportunity to lean into a bright or playful shirt to sit atop the subdued base layer. Prints should take a prominent part of your mens spring fashion wardrobe, so don’t be afraid to experiment with louder patterns for this stage as they will deliver a sartorial punch while your additional layers will hold on to the all-important sophisticated note.

And as for the bottom half, coloured pants are fine, but be mindful not to go too bold if your top half is already doing some serious talking. A fail-safe style is the Cromwell Straight Jean in subdued hues.

Great spring shirts to incorporate into your wardrobe this coming season include the crisp Sandy Bay Island Sports Fit Shirt, cut from Italian fabric, or the Martains Bay Sports Fit Shirt in Stonewash for a touch of flair.

The Sandy Bay Island Shirt
The Martians Bay Shirt




Spring is notorious for dishing out glorious sunny mornings followed by frost-bitten evenings, so make sure that your spring layering serves you all the options you need to get you through this temperate rollercoaster. Top off a mens spring jacket, button-up shirt and t-shirt with an overcoat or classic Kingsley Park Knit for milder days and ditch the overcoat and trade in for a lightweight scarf for warmer weather. The beauty of layers is that you can always remove one or two.

The Kingsley Park Knit




In spring the rules are a little trickier than in winter where you can just throw on a scarf, but the reward is greater as you get to experiment with accessories that are locked away during other seasons.

We recommend carrying a hat with you on brighter days, best paired with a dressed-down Oxford shirt or t-shirt and light jacket. Our recommendation for a versatile spring hat is either the Gunn Cap in Onyx or the Lowburn Hat in Taupe, which will keep you looking sharp during spring days.

Shop Hats

Layering is without a doubt a stellar way to add contrast, detail and depth to your look while being flexible enough to manage the notoriously unpredictable spring weather. While these four steps are the key to layering success, if there’s one thing we want you to take away from this styling advice it is to ensure that each individual layer holds up as it’s own outfit. For example, if the day heats up and you wish to remove your jacket, the shirt, sweater and t-shirt that lay underneath need to stand sans-jacket as a coherent and cohesive outfit. Beyond that, be sure that each layer is well fitted and made up of strong, solid investment pieces - that way you’ll have a myriad of options at your fingertips all spring long.

To find more style inspiration be sure to check out the Gunn News and to shop any of our spring layering essentials, head to our latest collections.


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