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How To Care For Linen Clothing

8th December 2020
Not sure how to take care of your linen? Explore the Rodd & Gunn linen care guide to keep your garments in top shape this summer.
Linen Clothing




Rodd & Gunn is committed to sourcing the finest fabrics from around the world. For nearly 20 years, we’ve proudly partnered with the Albini fabric mill, one of Italy’s most respected textile producers, to craft our range from premium Italian fabrics, including our luxurious linens.

Founded in 1876, the Albini fabric mill has earned a reputation as the birthplace of luxury Italian fabrics and are renowned around the world for their quality and versatility.

Only the best raw materials become Albini fabrics. Harvested by hand from the coastlines of Normandy, the linen fibres move to the mill in the Bergamo province in Italy, where it is produced and manufactured into luxuriously light and textured linen fabric, ready to be transformed into quality linen garments at our workshops.

Linen Clothing
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With its laidback character, comfort and breathability, linen is always a smart choice over summer. Our men’s linen clothing enjoys just the right amount of sunshine and gentle sea breeze to make it what it is when you wear it – light, breezy and beautifully natural. Unlike other fabrics, the Rodd & Gunn linen material will soften over time, becoming a wardrobe favourite for many seasons. Leading the world in linen design and production, our linen collection is easy to wash and great to wear. Whether you love a relaxed linen style or enjoy that new linen look, here are our tips on taking care of linen clothing.

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When washing linen shirts, if you’re using a washing machine, ensure that you’re using a gentle or delicate wash (on cold or warm) with a low spin cycle. Add a subtle mix of detergent and wash your linen with light materials that won’t crowd in the machine - if there’s not enough room to move in the machine, the linen can get tangled and stretch within the load. Alternatively, you can hand wash your linen with a soft detergent, just make sure you don’t soak it for a long period of time - just dunk into a cold-water tub with baby-like soap and gently rinse. Other than linen suits, sportscoats and linen jackets (which all have their own specific care instructions), it’s not advisable to dry-clean linen.

TIP: *Always review the care instructions for any individual linen item, as each piece could potentially have its own unique washing and drying needs.




Leading the way in high-quality linen production, our men’s linen shirts are quick drying and easy to maintain. To keep the shape and integrity of your linen shirts, lay flat upon a hanging rack or hang your shirt with a padded or wooden hanger to dry.

The best way to keep your linen looking its best is to store away in a hanging closet on wooden and padded hangers for shirts and suits. This will keep the garment in its original shape longer and protect the linen from any external moisture or humidity.




Perfect for a special occasion or for everyday wear all summer long, spruce up your wardrobe with our collection of linen shirts, shorts, and jackets.

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