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27th September 2019
Aspirations have grown for Antipodean menswear brand Rodd & Gunn and so too has its reach.




Expansion far beyond its founding New Zealand and Australian shores confidently continues with its first European Lodge in London’s esteemed Mayfair.

Rodd & Gunn offers unique, supremely desirable, New Zealand inspired clothing, footwear and accessory ranges for discerning men.

Its high-quality product is proving enduringly popular at every step of the brand’s journey from its South Pacific home, throughout Australia and on to North America.

Each new location is greeted with enthusiasm by an audience curious to discover more of its vaunted homeland, a trend company CEO Mike Beagley is confident will be reinforced with the Mayfair store’s opening.

“Geographically, it’s a very long way from our roots in the deep south of New Zealand. It is literally half a world away, yet there are enough cultural links to make the scene feel immediately familiar,” muses Beagley.

“The reverence New Zealand carries with it in the United Kingdom suggests a considerable head start for us in establishing our story.”

“The time is right for Rodd & Gunn to establish a foothold in Europe, and to start with a beautiful location within metres of Regent Street, often regarded as the epicentre of London retail, puts concrete beneath its promise.”

The inherent value of the 2-3 Conduit Street location cannot be understated. Mike Beagley describes it as arguably the best-positioned store in the company’s entire portfolio.




More than an exceptional retail premise, the flagship store is earmarked as a hub for the company’s exploration of the full prospects Europe offers.

The two-level space will offer first-class street-level retail while an expansive sub-street floor is to be fitted out to serve the brand’s wholesale clients plus a fulfilment centre during the early development of its European online retail business.

Rodd & Gunn’s South Island, New Zealand-inspired experiential retail approach shows enormous promise. From the day doors open, the Mayfair Lodge looks poised for success.


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