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Premium Italian Fabric Shirts

14th February 2020
Few items of clothing say ‘luxury’ as clearly as a classic Italian shirt. Upgrade your wardrobe today with our new Italian Shirt Bar.

For nearly 20 years, Rodd & Gunn has partnered with the Albini fabric mill, one of Italy’s most respected textile producers. Over almost two decades we’ve woven our signature antipodean style together with their luxury shirt fabrics to bring super-soft, stylish men’s shirts to the southern hemisphere and beyond.

This year, we’re proud to announce the start of a new chapter in this fruitful creative partnership with the launch of our Italian Shirt Bar. Designed by us and crafted from premium Albini textiles, our new range takes the classic dress shirt into the 21st century. From fresh florals to modern micro geo prints, the Italian Shirt Bar has everything you need to upgrade your work and weekend wardrobes this season.




Founded in 1876, this humble mill in picturesque Bergamo, Italy, has been handed down through 5 generations of the Albini family. Over 140 years, the mill has earned a reputation as the birthplace of luxury Italian fabrics that are renowned around the world for their quality and versatility. The Albini fabric mill has become synonymous with high-end Italian shirting fabrics in natural fibres including cotton, wool, and linen.

Only the best raw materials become Albini fabrics, with the mill gathering top quality fibres from around the world. From long-staple cotton grown in Giza and super-soft cotton from California to wool from Australia and linen from the rolling hills of Normandy, the raw materials that make it to the Albini fabric mill are truly the best in the world.

From here, the mill uses a number of proprietary manufacturing techniques to manage the entire textile production process, from spinning and dyeing to weaving and finishing. The finished textiles then arrive in our workshops, where they’re transformed into top-quality men’s dress shirts.




Thought our stylish men’s shirts couldn’t get any better? Think again. Effortlessly combining our modern men’s style lines with super luxe Italian textiles, our new selection of men’s Italian shirts is the ultimate elevated take on a wardrobe essential. Explore our Italian Shirt Bar to discover versatile sports fit shirts to suit every Gunn Guy, no matter your style or stomping ground.

Meticulously designed and exquisitely crafted, our new Italian shirts pair Albini fabrics with sophisticated details like classic tailoring and mother of pearl buttons. The luxury shirts are a sound investment for any stylish man concerned with balancing quality and cost, and all come with a 2 year guarantee against faulty workmanship.




With our new Italian Shirt Bar, you can enjoy all the quality and stylish features that make Italian dress shirts distinct - without breaking the bank. Drawing on the Albini fabric mill’s more than 140 years of history and heritage, the stunning shirts promise unrivalled style, longevity, and comfort.

Add a touch of luxury to your wardrobe by exploring the Italian Shirt Bar collection online now. To discover our elevated essentials in person and see the difference for yourself, head into your nearest Rodd & Gunn store.