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A guide to the latest men’s summer styles

7th December 2019
As the temperatures rise, it’s time to embrace the infinite possibilities that come with long summer days and balmy nights. And that means a versatile wardrobe cut with playful design, comfort, and casual sophistication. From classic linen shirts and soft leather shoes to the best in both men’s business and beach fashion, here are our key summer menswear essentials to keep you cool when the weather gets hot.




In the summer heat, you need clothes that breathe. Natural fibres like linen and cotton are the perfect solution: they’re feather light, breathable, and lend an effortless summer charm that never goes out of style.
Choose one of our linen shirts for the workday, a cotton tee for the weekend, and a classic men’s polo for everything in between. You’ll be looking and feeling cool all day long.




A classic, relaxed pair of men’s summer shorts are perfect for summer. Choose quality fabrics like cotton blends and denim for durable versatility. A slim cut short that hits an inch or two above the knee is ideal, as with the Glenmark Short, or opt for a bold pattern to make a statement poolside with the Hamilton Bay or Taupo Bay swim shorts.




When is comes to men’s summer shoes, it pays to be ready for every eventuality. A shoe that is as comfortable as the day is long, and stylish to boot, is key when walking the line between smart style and relaxed aesthetic.

As always, loafers or boat shoes, like the Gordons Bay Road Boat Shoe, are at the top of our list for summer shoes, followed by pared-back leather sneakers like our Glone Sneaker, or the well-crafted leather Day Street Sandals for simple, sophisticated detailing and ultimate summer comfort.




Sun safety is always stylish, particularly in the hot southern hemisphere. Before you head out the door, complete your outfit with a timeless men’s hat like the broad brimmed Lane Road Hat or classic Gunn Cap, plus a classic pair of sunglasses.

For an elevated look that’s particularly in vogue, opt for our Bryant Place Cap in pastel tones, or the Cardinal Place Hat for a sophisticated take on the stylish men’s bucket hat.




Men’s workwear is evolving, with a greater emphasis on professional personalisation. When it comes to summer business fashion for men, styles can be more relaxed than the more formal office winter wardrobe. Don’t waste time changing outfits on a Summer Friday - opt for smart casual workwear that lets you seamlessly transition from the boardroom to beach bar.

Pair a light cotton men’s polo or linen shirt with a well fitted sports jacket, and tailored trousers. For a more relaxed setting, opt for a playful printed short sleeved shirt like the Greenstreet Sports Fit, or some summer-friendly slim fit shorts. Finish the look with a Stump Bay Woven Belt for a touch of casual class and quality leather detailing.




No matter what the latest trends are, the key to truly timeless summer fashion for men is to keep your wardrobe simple and stylish. Find your nearest R&G store or shop online today.


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