David Jones


15th JANUARY 2017
On the 15th of September 2017, Julie Lloyd celebrated 20-years fronting the brand at retail. Her very first assignment was leading a concession with David Jones, Bourke Street, Melbourne.
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Head-hunted by Rodd & Gunn, to lead one of the company’s first forays across the Tasman back in 1997, few people understand the importance of the newly announced, David Jones partnership better than Julie Lloyd.

“At the time I didn’t fully understand the concept of a standalone brand working in a department store,” says Lloyd. “My experience was with comparatively small brands working independently to establish scale.”

In her own words, “It was hard work but incredibly rewarding.”

“The teamwork, the ethics, the focus on customer experience and service delivered dividends.”

“After five-years of accelerated growth, the brand was held in high regard by both David Jones and its clients; the ideal outcome for a frontline team member like myself.”

“It’s a period of my working career I am very proud of.”


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Lloyd moved on to run Rodd & Gunn Lodges, first the Melbourne CBD and later at Chadstone.

Today, as Area Manager for Chadstone’s Lodge, Myer and the new David Jones concessions, she’s delighted to see those old David Jones ties refreshed.

“This renewed David Jones relationship brings another tier to our business,” says Lloyd. “Shoppers love department stores for good reasons such as special privileges and loyalty cards. The horsepower such exposure delivers cannot be underestimated.”

“Take Chadstone for instance. There are more than 500 stores in this complex. A shopper might not even find the Rodd & Gunn Lodge, let alone walk through the door.”

These large-scale David Jones and Myer relationships introduce thousands of people to the Rodd & Gunn brand who may not have ever encountered us otherwise.”

It’s a good outcome for Rodd & Gunn and a good opportunity for shoppers.