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A Week In Isolation

10th May 2020
Staying entertained while we're spending extra time at home is a necessity. But with a multitude of books, music, film and podcasts to choose from, it can be hard to know what to dive into next.

Cormack O'Connor, our Digital Marketing Manager, is back again to guide you through his favourites for the week. Discover his recommendations today.

Listen: Hex


Are you struggling with a lack of background noise while working at home? 'Hex', the criminally underrated (in the mainstream) debut album by Britain's Bark Psychosis is the perfect remedy. Often described as a perfect example of post-rock, the languid soundscapes perfectly set the tone for getting lost in your work.

Watch: Chef's Table


Delicious food and those that produce it are big points of interest for us here at Rodd & Gunn – just look at The Lodge Bar. Netflix series 'Chef's Table' offers an in-depth look at some of the world's finest eateries and the stories of the culinary masters behind them. It's sure to have you salivating.

Ponder: Song Exploder


Curious about what goes into writing and recording music? 'Song Exploder' is the podcast for you. Each episode sees a new musical guest take apart one of their tracks and explain how it was pieced together. From the Microphones and Spoon through to Björk and R.E.M., the guestlist is varied and always offers something for everybody. You might even discover a new favourite song!

Read: He Died With A Felafel In His Hand


If you've ever lived in a share house, John Birmingham's supposed non-fiction novel 'He Died With A Felafel In His Hand' is sure to get the memories flooding back. From sinks piled high with dishes to missed rental payments and the ever-present brown couch, this page-turner is packed with overly-familiar and deeply humorous scenes.

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