Heritage-Inspired Renatured Outerwear Range

Rodd & Gunn Outerwear (Part 1)

31st May 2019
Rodd & Gunn Creative Director, John Prikryl talks about the development of our new heritage-inspired Renatured outerwear range.
The Jack Jacket




"Wax-coated jackets are a signature Rodd & Gunn item," opens John Prikryl, Creative Director at Rodd & Gunn. "The success of the Jack Reacher Jacket and its various iterations sparked the inspiration to explore our history further, revisiting the brand’s colonially-informed heritage of game-hunters and anglers."

"What we discovered were opportunities to tell deeper stories, reflective of who Rodd & Gunn is as a brand with contemporary interpretations of classic pieces from its founding years."

Coronet 6 Oz Trail Jacket



Essential to the new range are waxed fabrics developed by vastly respected producer, British Millerain.

Arguably the world’s leader in traditional waxed-cotton weatherproofing techniques, British Millerain’s links with New Zealand run deep - Rodd & Gunn’s antipodean home a primary market for the English mill during its early years.

In the late 1800s, New Zealand was the domain of pioneers, carving a society from its land, rivers and mountains. Hardy men required equally durable working wear to survive soul-testing winters. British Millerain products became symbols of the nation’s spirit and are still celebrated as such today.

Our Australia and New Zealand market gets a little taste of the exclusive Northern Hemisphere collection with the new Coronet 6 Oz Trail Jacket. Milled by British Millerain it features a removable hood, utility pockets and a removable warmer adds an additional layer of warmth, whilst tartan lining adds a subtle heritage element.


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