One Fly X Archive Collection


29th October 2022
Inspired by an event that shaped our newest collection of clothing, footwear and accessories, Rodd & Gunn presents Archive.



Through the 90s and early 2000s, Rodd & Gunn’s One Fly competitors from around Aotearoa and abroad flocked to Nelson for a three-day fly fishing tournament. Teams of anglers with experience across the board had the opportunity to fish some of the best trout and fishing rivers our beautiful country has to offer, covering all corners of fly fishing. From how to set up a fly fishing line and how to tie a fly, to how to cast and where to find the best trout.


Image of a wood cabin with fly-fishing equipment and new collection Rodd and Gunn accessories


Typically a sport attracting men and women through family channels, the One Fly welcomed anyone interested in fly fishing to participate with other like-minded individuals in the camaraderie and joy of sharing something so special.

But there's a catch. The angler's challenge is to choose one individual fly they believe will perform best at the start of each day's fishing. No re-tieing, no replacing. Glue and adhesive are acceptable, but the catch of the day must be caught from one fly. Selection is paramount.

In the true spirit of Rodd & Gunn One Fly, all trout caught during the event are measured and released to preserve the fishery and maintain level playing fields, promoting the spirit of the game rather than the results.



Image of folded t-shirt with fly fishing line and a Rodd & Gunn framed fly.





The Archive Collection is both a celebration of our outdoor heritage and a nod to our historical archives. By reworking iconic and best-selling pieces in new styles, we maintain prints and embroideries that have been pivotal to the Rodd & Gunn brand story.

Featuring staple colours, classic silhouettes, best-selling styles and premium materials, Archive brings a refined collection of men’s long-sleeve t-shirts, cotton t-shirts, embroidered shirts and mens chino shorts, sweaters, bags and accessories with nods to history back to life.

Think rainbow trout prints and photocopied rules, 44k stitch embroidery, mallard ducks, reworked badges, washed canvas bags and more. Archive is our most hotly anticipated collection yet. See for yourself why.



Images of Rodd & Gunn's new Archive collection, including t-shirts, long-sleeve tops, and hats.