How to Tie a Scarf

3 Ways To Wear A Scarf

10th July 2019
Braving the cold brings with it styling concerns but there’s one foolproof accessory that won’t let you down.




A scarf can define a man’s outfit, elevating your winter ensemble into a look that’s suitably sharp and rooted in practicality. As such, it’s important to know how to tie a scarf. The knot on your scarf (or lack of) is a technique that’ll lend flair and function when the temperature drops and there’s an option for every occasion.

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As the name suggests, the drape of a scarf exhibits an air of nonchalance. There’s no tying required which means it’s quick and easy to achieve. Offering year-round appeal, the drape isn’t necessarily a winter-only technique, it works just as well with silk and linen when the weather heats up. It’s also a subtle way of interplaying texture, colour and proportions all with the practicality of staying warm. Ensure your jacket is left unbuttoned for this one.

How to tie the drape:

    There’s no need to tie it – let your scarf hang long and loose around the neck. The lengths will complement each other.

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More advanced than its counterpart above, the reverse drape is a sophisticated scarf wearing technique. Bigger scarves are better, providing more coverage and length as you wrap and knot the fabric. Whether you tie the knot closer to the chin or lower on the chest, the emphasis lies in the detail. We recommend scarves with fringing and tassels on the loose ends to contrast nicely against a smart wool coat.

How to tie the drape:

    Drape the scarf around your neck, with one end hanging longer than the other.
      Wrap the longer end of the scarf around your neck.
        Tie both ends together and let the knot hang loosely at chest level. Adjust the knot if necessary, for added warmth.

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With scarf season fast approaching, this is an effortless and understated way of upgrading your winter ensemble. Again, you don't really tie this scarf knot, but it insulates the neck and can be removed in a couple of seconds. It complements a blazer but works particularly well when the outerwear comes off and it’s worn with a crew neck jumper. Don’t be afraid to introduce your personality with brightly coloured scarves and plaid patterns, especially to outfits of muted tones.

How to tie the Parisian knot:

    Fold the scarf in half.
      Holding both ends, wrap it around your neck and place the loose ends through the loop.
        Tighten it as you like and you’re ready to go.


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