Responsible Down/Feather Standard

1. Introduction

RODD & GUNN sources down/feather, which is a highly effective insulation material. Although down is considered largely a by-product of the waterfowl meat industry, by using such materials, brands have an impact on the welfare of animals, the environment, and the communities in their down supply chain.

Within this document, ROOD & GUNN have provided clear standards & expectations for sourcing down in an attempt to prevent unnecessary harm to the animals in the down/feather industry.

Our standard is to be used in conjunction with the Textile Exchange Responsible Down Standard and was created to ensure all third-party verification and certification audits are completed to the same principles.

Further information on the TE RDS can be found on

2. Requirements

Below are the requirements that must be met in order to become or continue to be a RODD & GUNN Responsible Down/Feather supplier, garment manufacturer and/or agency.

  1. RODD & GUNN requires all suppliers, garment manufacturers and/or agencies to source down/feather material from RDS approved facilities.
  2. Suppliers, garment manufacturers and/or agencies that wish to continue their existing down supplier relationships are responsible to certify the entire supply chain against the RDS. This requires making an application to a suitable Certification Body (contact Textile Exchange for assistance).
  3. A suitable Certification Body is to be assigned to carry out training, audits & certification for the supply chain, based on Textile Exchange Contents Claim Standard. Once certification is established, physical audits are to be carried out at least one per year on each site in the supply chain.
  4. Details of the entire supply chain must be disclosed to RODD & GUNN via a Supply Chain Map if requested.
  5. It is a RODD & GUNN requirement to have 100% RDS certified insulation material for all orders.
  6. RODD & GUNN expect suppliers, garment manufacturers and/or agencies to adhere to all requirements of the standard. The end supplier of finished products carries full responsibility in ensuring all sourced materials and stages of production are certified and kept up to date at all times.
  7. This document must be signed, dated & returned to RODD & GUNN.


3. Summary of Principles

Below are the base principles that form RODD & GUNN’s Responsible Down/Feather Standard. A full list of principles and the modules it consists of are available from the TE Responsible Down Standard Version 2.0 – 2014 (

  1. Down & feather must not be removed from live animals (including live plucking and molt harvesting) at any stage in the supply chain.
  2. Down & feather must not be from animals that are force fed during their live for any reason including the production of foie gras.
  3. Principles A & B are zero-tolerance issues and must be met in order to become or remain a RODD & GUNN Responsible Down/Feather supplier.
  4. All suppliers must meet or exceed animal welfare standards for farming and processing of animals and animal products, in accordance with the 5 modules in the Textile Exchange RDS standard.
  5. All levels of the down supply chain must maintain records that prove chain of custody.
  6. All companies in the supply chain are subject to announced and unannounced site visits & audits by a third-party Certification Body or RODD & GUNN employees. Full access to all areas of the sites are to be granted.
  7. All companies in the supply chain are subject to announced and unannounced reaudits to verify any identified corrective actions have been dealt with in a sustainable manner.
  8. All links in the supply chain must adhere to Textile Exchange RDS requirements.
  9. Suppliers, garment manufacturers and/or agencies must display full transparency and commitment for continuous improvement.

RODD & GUNN may amend the standard at any time if needed, in which case the current contract becomes invalid and a new contract will be signed.


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Rodd & Gunn Responsible Down/Feather Standard – July 2017