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The Nature Of Invention

Product & Performance

4th December 2018
Experiencing the energy of New World’s thrust from the earth proved a privilege for the Rodd & Gunn crew. Inspired by parallels to the fashion world is Creative Director, John Prikryl.
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New Worlds


28th November 2018
Step beyond the crowd and discover the path of the Modern Explorist. New Worlds await those answering the call.
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The Lodge, Chadstone


23rd November 2018
"Even timeless design evolves"
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Greenwich Gunn Guy

Selective Styling For Fall/Winter 2018

21st November 2018
As leaves begin to fall on Greenwich Avenue, the importance of functional fall fashion is revealed.
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New World Footwear

New World Footwear

5th Sept 2018
Durability with panache anchors Rodd & Gunn’s New Worlds footwear range.
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