Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Men

5 Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Men

4th December 2019
Summer has departed which means it’s time to plan your winter wardrobe and invest in cold weather staples. We’ve compiled a list of our most important menswear essentials to tackle the drop in temperature.



Elevate your look with a coat or jacket, it’s non-negotiable for colder climates. A tailored wool coat is one of the best sartorial investments a man can make and should be a permanent fixture of any wardrobe. Paired with slim fit trousers, it forms a simple yet sharp silhouette with timeless appeal. Wax jackets are cut from hard wearing and weatherproof fabric to provide protection against the elements. Due to their breathability, they can be worn over a sweater or long-sleeved tops without making you overheat. Finish the look with sneakers and tailored pants to conquer off-duty dressing.

Rocky Bay Coat



Hardwearing and stylish, chinos lend themselves to the cooler weather. Traditionally used in workwear, moleskin chinos are soft, warm and dressier than everyday cotton styles. A small amount of stretch in their structure makes them more comfortable and durable when the temperatures plummet. Choose silhouettes that are straight or slightly relaxed, refraining from anything too slim or too baggy. Style with a sweater and sneakers to keep you cozy.



Few pieces combine elegance with comfort like cashmere and wool. Not only that, they exhibit temperature regulating properties proving indispensable for winter. Cashmere sweaters are prized for their softness and warmth while merino wool is ideal for layering over a shirt. Remember to avoid anything too bulky or too fine, it’s all about layering. Decide from V-neck or crew neck styles and don’t be afraid of introducing color – it’ll uplift a muted palette.

Lake Heron Knit



Nothing says winter like a pair of hardworking boots. Whether you opt for suede or leather, they’re a solid foundation to building your everyday wardrobe. A durable construction ensures comfort and style in the most demanding conditions. Wear them to the office for added polish or style with denim and a striped sock for a smart casual compromise.



Add a sophisticated finish to your outfit with a scarf. It’s versatile, cozy and tactile. Crafted from soft and luxurious wool, scarves have earned their place as a winter wardrobe essential. Wrap it round your neck, knot it or let it hang loose, and if you’re opting for print, keep the rest of your outfit paired back.