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New World Footwear

New World Footwear

5th Sept 2018
Durability with panache anchors Rodd & Gunn’s New Worlds footwear range.
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Down Under To Dallas

Southwest style

10th August 2018
Fascinated by the rugged New Zealand landscape and Dallas’ rich heritage, our latest lodge is leading the way in experiential retail.
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The Adventure Of It


30th July 2018
Beyond the crater, an entirely new world waits. The extended coast is vibrant and alive - dolphins, tuna, gannets, and whales set in an azure liquid backdrop.
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Lone Star State

Dallas, Texas

22nd May 2018
Two years in the planning, the grand opening of Rodd & Gunn’s newest Lodge races to ribbon-cutting day.
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Fashion Pointer


8th JANUARY 2017
A six-monthly update from the style industry’s jet-set canine brand ambassador, Gunner.
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