Century City


7th December 2017
Sun filled luxury in the open outdoors.
Century City
Dumbo Store Rodd & Gunn




Although Los Angeles still holds its place as America’s silver lined city, the days of one industry are over. Home and host to an ever widening demographic, the sunny, sprawling metropolis is a true ‘culture-town’ now. A buzzing intersection of not only film, but fashion, food, art, sport, music and tech. Despite the growth, however, L.A still refuses to define its city-centre, instead it asks its establishments or a collective of specialty offerings to come together and create desirable destinations. The result, a city dotted with central ‘hubs’ of activity.

The $1 billion expansion of Westfield Century City is exactly that, on an epic scale. “There is no doubt that Westfield Century City will be a destination unlike anything else in Los Angeles,” said William Hecht, Westfield’s Chief Operating Officer. Designed in part by Kelly Wearstler and ideally located one block from Avenue of the Stars, between Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Venice, Westfield is redefining how we think of American malls. With its open-air courtyards, landscaped spaces, specialty retail and culinary stores - including the first Eately on the West Coast - the mall, like Southern California itself, offers sun filled luxury in the open outdoors. And Rodd & Gunn is right in the middle of the action.

The new store is open in Westfield Century City #1830, marking the third store to roll out in California. The entrance to the 1800-squarefoot store, modeled on the brands iconic upscale ‘lodge’ design, has been purposely ‘set back’ to give the feeling of stepping into New Zealand. Tastefully kicking off Rodd & Gunn’s focus on experiential retail right from the get go. Once inside, customers are taken into the richness of the brands essence – with its chalet style roof, handmade fixtures, vintage furniture, green changing rooms, herringbone walls on which hang art by NZ artists and a wide digital screen projecting images of breathtaking New Zealand hanging as an ever changing backdrop.

For a city cradled by mountains, it is a nice touch to have the rugged mountains of New Zealand on the screen inside the Los Angeles store. Transportive but somehow, connecting the landscapes.