How to Layer Men’s Clothing for Winter

The Lowdown on Layering Menswear

18th April 2019
Discover our guide on how to layer your outfits during winter. You’ll be pleased to know we have a diverse range of men’s knitwear, chinos and leather boots to assist you in tackling that winter chill.




As we enter the transitional months before winter, dressing becomes tricky. This is where layering comes in. Layering is one of the most functional styling options around, allowing you to quickly adapt to changing environments by adding or removing a garment. To do it right, choose pieces that are versatile and easy to shed if temperatures plummet. Here’s our guide on how to build your wardrobe from the inside out.

Wallingford Jacket




Layering starts with a classic t-shirt which is both lightweight and breathable. Go for a simple style and layer it under cashmere knitwear or your favourite shirt. Also, a polo shirt may be your summer go-to, but it’s indispensable when worn as part of a layered outfit. Team it with a quarter zip funnel neck sweater and let the collar peep out.

Long Sleeve Gunn Polo




Choose pieces that can be quickly removed when it starts to heat up. Men's knitwear such as a buttoned-up cardigan or cashmere jumper can be worn over a shirt or t-shirt and then layered under your blazer or overcoat. If the weather changes, simply remove a layer. Opt for merino wool or cashmere when selecting your knit due to its body regulating properties.

Gibbston Bay Knit



Coats will bring an entire outfit together and provide ample room for layers underneath. Style with a pair of tailored pants or chinos for guaranteed smart casual style. Long line coats aren’t the only option though, don’t forget about bomber jackets and waxed jackets for textural interplay.

Calton Hill Coat



Your outfit doesn’t have to reflect gloomy weather. Instead of going all-black, introduce navy or a contrasting colour through accessories. Brown boots are timeless when worn with denim and adding a scarf is an opportunity to bring colour to your winter look while keeping your neck warm.




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