Newport Beach Local

Newport Beach Local

22nd May 2018
Curiosity first ushered photographer, Todd Caporal, into Rodd & Gunn’s Fashion Island store.




The Newport Beach local knew nothing about the brand but was intrigued by its versatile look and feel.

“I always tell people there are two me’s,” says Todd Caporal. “The dressed-up version and the relaxed weekend version.”

From what he could see, Rodd & Gunn catered to both.

“You can dress Rodd & Gunn up and dress it down,” says Caporal.

“I travel a lot, so the single wardrobe option is appealing to me.”

Two sports coats, a pair of Chelsea boots and one belt later, Todd qualified to enter to win a trip for two to Queenstown. He’d never won anything so didn’t think twice about it - although he did say, the images of New Zealand from the screen above the register stayed in his mind.

Sure enough, a month and a bit of luck later, Todd and his brother were side-by-side when the South Island came into view for the first time. He turned to his brother, who was looking as dumbfounded as he was and said, ‘It’s on!’

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For the next five days, Rodd & Gunn hosted the brothers on its home turf, ensuring they experienced the best of what New Zealand has to offer.

“The trip became a lesson on how to live, and Rodd & Gunn fits the culture perfectly,” says Caporal. “It’s smart yet comfortable, warm, relaxed and modern; a lifestyle clearly reflective of the land it comes from.”

“New Zealand is like everywhere I love in one place – Switzerland, Oregon, Hawaii, California and Tuscany,” says Caporal

“And never short of surprises. Just as the landscape had rendered us speechless, we drove through a construction site with the youngest, most goodlooking, smiley road construction crew we’d ever seen.

“I’m thinking, where am I!? What is this place!?”

“It really was the trip of a lifetime,” reflects Caporal. “There we were, for five days amongst the most beautiful, epic surroundings you could ever imagine with the most accommodating, hospitable people we’d ever encountered.” “Thank you, Rodd & Gunn!”



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