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September 7th 2019
“There is so much I love about where Rodd & Gunn’s ‘Road Less Travelled’ mantra is taking the company,” opens Creative Director John Prikryl.




“For example, I take real satisfaction in the permanency of the product,” muses Prikryl.
“Our team and partners are creating garments to be treasured for years. Certain classic items could be handed down to the next generation.”
“It’s a philosophy we kept front of mind in the formation of this range. I’d be delighted to see fashion-conscious Gunn Guy’s sporting a Normandy linen shirt from the current collection with pride in several season’s time.”
There’s passion in the statement. There’s also evidence of its truth.
For example, a respected media professional and recent radio interviewee in New Zealand expounded his contentment at owning two Rodd & Gunn jumpers for more than 25-years. These are the stories the company strives to hear more of in the future, and the two-year warranty underwrites the first short window of a product’s lifespan.




As a brand, Rodd & Gunn has long driven a stake in the ground to ensure its products are consistent with its values from conception, through the construction process and into the consumer’s wardrobe.
The pillars of independence, purpose, respect and endurance all inform the standards by which the company gauges its efforts but the yardstick to measure them all remains with nature.
The motivation is simple, natural products feel sensational to wear both literally and figuratively.
Whether it’s linen from the fields of Normandy, Californian cotton or merino wool from the high-country of Rodd & Gunn’s homeland, New Zealand, these products wear well. In both the team and the customer’s mind, natural products produced to industry-leading and scrutinised standards underline a commitment to continual improvement, putting the planet first.




Prikryl has never been one to watch other’s for direction, always remaining focussed on his customer for cues.
What lifestyle are they living? How are they wearing our clothes? How can Rodd & Gunn improve their daily experience?
More importantly, how can Rodd & Gunn excite old friends and win new fans next season by providing a product they don’t yet know they want?
Much of the brand’s motivation is fuelled by such questions, driving the exploration of ideas and the invention of solutions.




Offering due deference to the direction of menswear in 2019, the Creative Director observes clothing casualisation, as one of the industry’s biggest disruptors.
In part, casualisation reflects the consumer’s desire to enjoy increased form and function at work and play, and the trend is gaining momentum.
Rodd & Gunn is particularly well placed to satisfy its customers on this front. Substantial investment has seen the development of ranges like the Italian tailored Motion Sport Coat, which allows an extreme range of movement without compromising style.
Yet, it’s casualisation balanced by an overall smartening up at the streetwear end of the spectrum.
An illustrative example within the Rodd & Gunn summer catalogue is the refinement of the boat shoe, an item winning fans over more traditionally recreational footwear options, thanks to its versatility throughout the Gunn Guy week.
In summary, Prikryl offers the New Horizons Collection as a fun extension of the brand’s continued independence of thought.
Whether it’s innovation with materials and performance, inventive colours, patterns or prints, the pioneering Down-Under spirit propels this company’s journey.

Rodd & Gunn hope it inspires yours.


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