Brand Partner Series: Huka Lodge


5th July 2019
Our longstanding partner Huka Lodge invites you to enter a world where elegant and generous hospitality meets sophistication and style.




Huka Lodge, Taupo, New Zealand, was founded in 1924 by a charming Irishman by the name of Alan Pye. The current lodge sits on the same location where Pye erected a series of wooden framed, canvas roof tents for his fishing camp. Here, people came to fish the waters of the Waikato River, which had a peerless reputation for dry fly fishing, and enjoy the generous hospitality of Pye and his wife, at the main lodge building.

The fame of Huka Lodge soon spread and by the mid-1930s, Pye’s fame was at its peak. Fishing flies were named after him and a New York angling club bore his name. Charles Lindbergh came to stay, James A, Mitchener wrote part of a novel there and Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of York dropped by for a spot of fishing. This was the beginning of visits by the many famous guests who continue to follow.

Huka Lodge in its present incarnation as one of the world’s most legendary and acclaimed retreats owes much to the vision of Alex van Heeren, and interior designer, Virginia Fisher, since 1984. For over 90 years Huka Lodge has welcomed those seeking a world apart from the real world, where they can relax amidst great natural beauty and enjoy an extraordinary hospitality experience.




In celebration of its rich heritage Huka Lodge is hosting their very own Huka Lodge Fly Fishing Tournament, Thursday 29 to Saturday 31 August. The action-packed three-day angling event (both on and off the water!) is available to a maximum of 50 guests.

If you’re new to fly fishing then don’t worry, they are offering casting lessons for those who need to brush up on their skills as experienced and knowledgeable local guides offer their expertise. You may even surprise yourself and come close to winning something from the NZ$13,000 prize pool which includes one of a kind Rodd & Gunn hand crafted fly fishing wallets..

Interested in attending this event? Well head over to Huka Lodge for more information


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