South Seas to Seattle

Bellevue, Washington

16th May 2019
Fascinated by the rugged New Zealand landscape, our latest lodge redefines the familiar space.
Rocky Bay Coat




Aspirations have grown far beyond Australian and New Zealand shores, as our American expansion confidently continues at Bellevue Square, Seattle, Washington; marking our 8th location in America.

The space redefines our lodges landing a high profile corner site, with an incredible shop front statement that is carried throughout the store. As you walk through the doors the thoughtfully conceived space immediately transports you to a familiar New Zealand lodge – polished, modern and laidback.

The natural world informs much of the store’s design; an oak wood ceiling and greenery make for notable organic elements. “We have used real plants to connect with nature and infuse the store with all the good compounds nature gives us.” says Nik Rush, General Manager, Visual and Store Design.



The evolutionary concept melding the New Zealand heritage into bricks and mortar as New Zealand art pieces offer a glimpse in to the brands rich heritage.

"I admire the photographic work of Jenna Smith, an NZ artist now living in London. We have a large black and white work of hers at Bellevue called 'Piha' which is a famous beach in New Zealand – a slice of NZ on display used to draw parallels to our heritage" says Rush. Limited edition artwork by New Zealand artist Susan Haywood Smith "reflects the quiet beauty of NZ's flora" explains Rush – the perfect piece to round out the collection.

"We wanted the store to engage all the senses" Rush notes on the execution. It begins with the scent, as you first capture the soothing aroma of freshly ground coffee beans from the coffee cart. Customers are welcomed to fire up their senses as they enjoy a warm brew whilst they shop. For visual interest layered lighting amplifies angles making a bold architectural statement. Depth was created through layering various textures from wool sisal rugs to the cool smoothness of steel and the warmth from the varying patterns of wood.

The distinguished and intimate space is complete with bespoke furniture all unique to the store.

Rodd & Gunn Bellevue is testament to our commitment to delivering experiential retail at its finest.