Heritage-Inspired Renatured Outerwear Range


5th June 2019
In our last blog we explored the origins of the new Renatured outwear range, now let’s pick back up where we left off and delve deeper in to the range.
Waxed Jackets



"Looking back to see the future, is both contemplative and insightful. It was a time when function drove innovation, such as the ‘Poacher’s Pocket’, where wild game would be stored, or hidden – depending on the hunter’s licence." Says Prikryl.

Perhaps less devious in invention yet every bit as useful is the adoption of oversized front pockets, designed to carry the varied trappings of a man of land and gun. Today these generous pouches prove equally proficient for a Gunn Guy’s accoutrements.

Glenorchy 4 Oz Waxed Field Jacket



Next on the metaphorical rack is the Coronet Trail, a garment Prikryl feels closely resembles its heritage muse. Overlain with 6oz wet-waxed cotton, it’s a stalwart of everyday use.

It’s brother, the Glenorchy Waxed Field, invokes the traditional style of rural New Zealand wet-weather wear; laid-back in appearance yet stoic as the clouds gather.

Designed to be refurbished in the traditional manner, both the Coronet and Glenorchy are jackets to be treasured for years to come - heirlooms even, serving faithfully till the day they wrap the shoulders of your son.

Leithfield 4 Oz Staywax Jacket




As Prikryl points out, even with history informing design, technical detailing underlines the range. Many of the pieces offer removable linings, collars and hoods to ensure climatic versatility while oversized zips provide ease of access with gloved hands. Some include durable thorn-proof layers, storm-guard fronts and self-draining pockets for increased protection and durability. With consideration for practicalities embraced, contemporary styling is assured without compromise to performance.

Rounding out the Renatured offering are the Earnslaw Resin Camo and the Leithfield Staywax.

The Earnslaw heralds a shift to a blend of recycled insulation, an environmentally conscious move already proving popular with shoppers. The Leithfield’s utilisation of British Millerain’s Staywax™ product adds machine-washable convenience to its tailored resilience as a weatherproof wrap.

From the landscape to the weather, New Zealand presents variation at every turn. Rodd & Gunn’s archives demonstrate this diversity as integral to its evolution. We are proud to present our story, tailored to be worn with yours.


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