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Sourdough At Home | Gunn News | Rodd & Gunn

The Lodge Bar's Sourdough

18th May 2020
Households around the world have jumped headfirst into crafting their very own sourdough, given the opportunity of working from home during lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders.
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Spaghetti With Pork Ragu & Tomato | Gunn News | Rodd & Gunn

Spaghetti With Pork Ragu & Tomato

16th May 2020
Probably the best-selling dish at The Lodge Bar, our spaghetti with pork ragu evokes comfort and familiarity. There is no better experience than enjoying this pasta on a cold winter’s night, situated in one of The Lodge Bar’s corner banquets with a glass of Central Otago’s finest in hand.
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#NZ Must Do | Gunn News | Rodd & Gunn

The best of New Zealand

14th May 2020
At Rodd & Gunn, New Zealand’s untamed beauty and rich culture never fails to inspire us. While travel is difficult at the moment, we can still appreciate all that New Zealand has to offer. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of “must-do” locations.
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A Week In Isolation 3 | Rodd & Gunn

A Week In Isolation

10th May 2020
Staying entertained while we're spending extra time at home is a necessity. But with a multitude of books, music, film and podcasts to choose from, it can be hard to know what to dive into next.
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The Lodge Bar's Gunner's Game Pie | Rodd & Gunn


9th May 2020
Whilst perched at The Lodge Bar by Rodd & Gunn and reviewing our dining menu, you will be drawn to one of our staples, the Gunner’s Game Pie. Our house-made flaky pastry, concealing a rich and decadent filling built around game meats is perfectly suited to a glass of Central Otago Pinot Noir.
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